20 Rue de Prony, 75017 Paris, France

Business Security

SEQUENTYS provides companies and their executives with specialized assistance to deal with the most critical security risks for which they are the preferred targets.

Faced with increasingly sophisticated attacks using sophisticated technologies in the field of computer espionage or audio and / or video trapping, as well as procedures often guaranteeing the anonymity of attackers, SEQUENTYS proposes to to bring to its customers its experience and proven expertise in the field of prevention and protection.

Thus SEQUENTYS offers a range of services implemented in France and internationally.

  • Provision of security officer for the benefit of the leaders
  • Protection of the environment of leaders and predictive profiling of malicious actions
  • Economic and strategic intelligence
  • Securing mobile communications and document sharing
  • Audits and solutions in cybersecurity
  • Detection of microphones or spy cameras and protection against illegal eavesdropping
  • Search for malicious plotter system
  • Forensic Computing
  • Provision of close protection devices.